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How my daughter received exceptional reading results with phonics

Here is my own story of how my daughter received amazing reading results:

Having just emigrated to a new country with two small children the daunting search was on to find a good school. (Funny how some things are the same whichever country you live in!)  I found myself in further unknown territory as I chose to Home Educate my children while I 'found my feet' or 'found a good school' not sure which!

And this is really where my discovery of phonics first began, at home - but, back then, I didn't know the method I was using had a particular name - if anyone had asked me what system I was using to help produce good reading results, I would have looked at them blankly and given away my cover!

In my mind, I was just using a common sense approach - wasn't this how all children were learning to read? Obviously not - but I wasn't to realise that until a few years later when my daughter went for a school interview where she was 'tested'.

On seeing her reading results, the teachers looked dumbfounded as they exclaimed "Your daughter has a reading & comprehension level of a 12yr old!"Nothing unusual in that you may think - until you realise that the week before the test, my daughter was still only 6yrs old!

With my new found confidence that I 'must be doing something right'......(by the way, I continued to homeschool my daughter until she was 12yrs & her reading results remained well above average - at 12yrs she had the reading/comprehension level of a 16yr old)......I endeavoured to find out everything there was to know about phonics....I had two other children to teach!

I am going to share with you all that I have discovered so you can help your child or students too!

The first thing you need to know, is that you do not need to have a degree to teach phonics! Anyone can do it and believe me if I can teach phonics anyone can - but you do need to know what you are doing and approach your lesson plan in a systematic way - but don't worry, I will explain everything for you in simple easy to follow steps.

I am constantly researching phonics and just loving it - it's my passion! Of course, I have further inspiration in the form of Caleb, my 4yr old son, who is about to start his phonic lessons with 'mum' before he goes off to find his good school! So while you browse this site, I invite you to follow Caleb's learning to read Phonics Blog where I will post our progress, resources & lessons.

Thank you for visiting - remember all my phonic printables are free to help you give you the same amazing reading results

warm regardsJane Buckley - Mum to three very bouncy children!

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