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What is Phonics?

So what is phonics? What do all these words actually mean?

In this section we will also be looking at:

Many of you have probably heard of phonics, but I will go one step further & give you a phonics definition that not only explains the question "what is phonics?" but which also explains the 'Big Words' the professionals use....!

Here we go!  Basically there are 26 letters in the English Language - The Alphabet A - Z

  • There are approximately 44 sounds in the English Language called phonemes.  
  • We attempt to write down these sounds, of which there are approximately 70 common spellings
  • The singular or group of letters used to represent these sounds, are called graphemes.
  • A phonogram is a letter-sound combination that includes more than one grapheme or phoneme
  • Phonics is the relationship between sounds & spellings in printed text.
  • Phonemic Awareness on the other hand, is the ability to recognise phonemes or graphemes (sounds) in spoken words and so it is an oral skill and not a written skill as in phonics

Now you know the 'Big Words' you will sound like a true phonics professional and not disgrace yourself totally at the next parent teacher interview!  Please don't get hung up about using all the 'Big Words' - what's really important in phonics is to become familiar with the big picture & everything else will fall into place...honest!

I hope this phonics definition has helped explain 'what is phonics.'  Now find out about the history of phonics.

'What is Phonics?' Now you know - check out the free printables!

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