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A to Z Tongue Twisters

by eury fabian
(Bronx,New York,United States)

An agile, angry ape addled up the avenue.

"Beware," the bee buzzed boistrously, "Beware the bitter brew."

Crying came the crone creeping from the cold cafe.

Doubting Dan decided daring do's don't save the day.

Earnest Edgar eyed everything everywhere.

Frieda flamboyantly fluttered to the famous Flower Fair.

Gilbert grabbed a golden globe, giving it to Gilda.

Harry's hurting heart healed whole, he hands his heart to Hilda.

Inside Inez's instincts indicated infamy.

Justin jumping joyous joined in Johnna's jubilee.

Keenly keeping Kate off-keel, Kurt kicked Katie's kite.

Lou Lou licked on lollipops while Larry lit a light.

Myrtle made moist, Mango muffins mostly meant for Mina.

Naughty nighthawks noisily, narrowly neared Nina.

Ostentatious over ovens, Oswald ordered out.

Peter poorly penniless prepares a peekish pout.

Quails quoted a quandry quickly quarrel qualities.

Rita reads reciting Robert's rules to raw rookies.

Silly Sammy seagull searching, slowly swoops sideways.

Two-toned Thomas talks to Tiny Tony toting trays.

Uma utters undiscovered, "Uphold unity."

Vera vocalizes, venting, verbal vanity.

William wonders what went wrong with Witchy's wicked ways.

Xander examines xylophones while xeroxing x-rays.

Yolanda's yellow yogurt yields a yummy yearning yen.

Zachary's zenith zones on the zodiac and zen.

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