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Alphabet Craft Ideas:

With so many alphabet craft items available today, from

  • Beads
  • Buttons
  • Stencils
  • Stamps
  • Cutters

learning the alphabet has never been so much fun!  Here are some ideas how to use crafts in your alphabet lessons at home or school:

  • Buy Alphabet Beads and get your students to make their own Alphabet Necklace - Key Ring - Bracelet.
  • Make an A-Z bead snake - threaded onto a string.  Teach them the Alphabet Song and point to each bead as they sing.
  • Stencil an alphabet freize around their bedroom, classroom or onto a piece of furniture or lampshade.
  • Use Alphabet Stencils in your art lessons - just use a sponge on art paper.
  • Make tactile letters - use glue to stencil  letters onto paper or card and cover with sand or glitter.
  • Sew Alphabet Buttons onto clothes or gym bags.  I love the idea of sewing 26 alphabet buttons onto a plain jumper or library bag!
  • Use Alphabet Rubber Stamps to make decorative cards or bookmarks.
  • Make some Alphabet Cookies - using letter cutters - or use with playdough.
  • Make your own Alphabet Books with beads, stencils, rubber stamps etc

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