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Beginning Letters Alphabet Game

by Sally Serans Taylor
(Fuerteventura, Spain.)

Place 4 letters around the room on adjacent walls. eg) a, b,c and d

Tell the children to stand in the middle of the room and run to the letter which starts the word the teacher/parent shouts out.
eg) donut= child runs to d etc.

Chidren are rewarded with a gold star on the alphabet star chart when the child has mastered each letter correctly using 5 different words of increasing difficulty.

eg) 5 x 'A' words (apple, anteater, available, always & ancient = * 1 gold star.

Object is to have a gold star stuck next to or under each letter on the aphabet chart.

It can be made easier or difficult and for older children the chart can be used for spelling with their fingers with lists of adjectives, adverbs etc.

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