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ClickN Read Phonics

ClickN READ Phonics

So how can we as parents and teachers really know if ClickN Read Phonics is the best reading program for you & your child's situation? Hopefully, I have made this decision a little easier as I have reviewed it for you - see below for my comments

Remember, to help you make an informed decision, I have made a list of basic guidelines, which all good phonic reading programs should have - click here to remind yourself what you should be looking for:

Review Notes by A to Z Phonics:

How They Teach Letters and Sounds:

The names of the letters of the alphabet and concepts about print are introduced gradually. Phonemic awareness consonant sounds are covered.

Your child learns quickly in an environment where each lesson builds on the previous lesson and prepares your child for the next one.

The program gets progressively harder as more and more lessons are completed. As your child learns the concepts from the prior lessons then the subsequent harder lessons become easy as well.

How They Teach Blending:

Your child must respond correctly to move forward within a lesson and the program re-teaches until the correct response in learned.

ClickN READ reinforces alphabet letter sounds, consonants, vowels, -affixes, word families.

Reports give an accurate assessment of what your child has learned. At the conclusion of each lesson a results display appears. All exercises that appeared in the lesson are shown along with a count of which elements your child responded to correctly on the first attempt versus elements that required multiple attempts.

For all multiple attempts, the instructional elements are listed that your child had difficulty with so you know exactly where to help.

Suitable for ages 4-8yrs

Are Sight Words used? Yes

Final Thoughts:

The ClickN Read phonic reading program provides valuable letter sound associations and blending work with frequent repetitions. This helps children become very secure in developing rapid responses when they come to these letters and sounds in words. The program also gives the child both visual and auditory prompts and asks for both visual to auditory responses from the child. It is self paced and gives the child an increasing feeling of success in reading.

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