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Monster or Mouse?

by Cindy J. Kars
(Port Huron Mi.USA)

When my grandson Bradley was learning the alaphabet we sang the song as either the Monster or the Mouse, in a deep monster voice or in a high-pitched mouse voice. OK who goes first? Are you the monster or the mouse. Bradley, I go first and I'm the Monster.(Monster) abcd, efg. (Mouse)hijklmnop (Monster)qrstuv (Mouse) wxy and z Together monster and mouse-Now we know our abc's ; next time won't you sing with me.. Bradley would laugh and laugh as he kept changing his mind if he was the monster or the mouse. He would as well keep changing his mind, who goes first monster or mouse. This is a very fond memory that I have of my grandson when he was little, I can still hear his laughter in my mind. He is starting high school this fall. Oh yes and we had to pay attention as sometimes the monster would only sing ab, and the mouse had to be ready to jump right in cdef, and the monster would cut in ghij, and so on. It was always changing, and always a good laugh to hear him try to get real high or real low with his voice.Bradley's Grammie Cindy Kars.

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