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Teacher Wish List - Spiral Binding Machine

On every Teacher's Wish List should be:
  • 1. Spiral Binding Machine
  • 2. Laminator
  • 3. Guillotine
  • With a binder machine you can create professional, creative books,study units and reports with a pull of a handle!  

    Plastic or wirecoils easily spin through punched paper and are then cut and crimped to preventthe coils from spinning back out.

    Coil binding is ideal for making books as theyallow the book to lie flat on a table when read - very useful if you arecreating reading, work books or flip charts.  

    Plastic PVC coils for thecoil binding machines are available in multiple colors and sizes. 

    Spiral binding machines differ by

    • price ($100 - $6,000)
    • how many sheets they can take at any one time
    • plastic or wire coil binding
    • how many holes they punch per inch
    • how many pages they can coil bind
    • Manual or Electric

    When looking for a spiral binder decide if you require plastic or wire coilbinding.  Wire will be more expensive, but you can get combo-binders whichcoil both plastic and wire.  If you will be doing a lot of spiral bindingthen how many sheets that can be accomodated at any one time will beimportant.  This usually varies from 5 - 25 sheets for manual bindingmachines.  Electric binding machines are usually very expensive - in the$1000's - but manual binders start from approx $100

    Binding Machines & Supplies:

    Some that are suitable for teacher or homeschool use that I would recommendare:

    The EB-19.  This is a great choice for punching and binding bothplastic comb AND wire (wire makes everything look SO much more professional!).  If using plastic combs it can bind up to 120 sheets of paper, or ifusing wire it can bind up to 90 sheets.  On the down side, it can onlypunch up to 6 sheets at a time

    The CombBind C100 binding machine is a plastic coil binding machine.It can bind up to a massive 300 sheets at a time and punches up to 12 sheets ofpaper.

    What Binder Machine do YOU use?

    Do you have a reliable binding machine that you would recommend to other teachers and parents? Or perhaps one that you would NEVER buy again?! Tell the readers at A to Z Phonics in the form below.

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