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Water Balloon Alphabet Fun

by Miss Conni

Outdoor activity:

Fill a laundry basket with water balloons. Write one letter on each balloon, repeating letters often. I do a group of 8 children at once, so I only do 3 letters at a time to allow each child a chance to throw the same letter several times.

Ask the first child to throw "A". If he/she doesn't recognize the letter, ask the next child if he/she can find an "A" and throw it. Make sure to show everyone the "A" before the balloon is tossed (broken).

Before going to the next child in line, give the first child another chance to find and throw an "A" balloon.

The children quickly recognize the letters by the time their second or third turn comes around.

Variation - Mount laminated letters to a fence or wall and have the children try to aim the balloons at the corresponding letters.

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