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Fridge Phonics Review

How It Works

Fridge Phonics consists of twenty six magnetic letters that are pre-cut. The letters are placed in the unit tray, and when pressed the unit plays a song that teaches the letter sound. For example, when the letter 'B' is placed in the unit, it sings - "B says /b/, B says /b/, Every letter makes a sound, /B/ says 'buh'. The unit has a magnetic base so it can be positioned on the fridge!

Features to note:

It uses all the senses - visual, manipulative, audio for good all round learning

What about letters that have more than one sound? The song is adjusted to reflect that. Example: The letter E song tells babies that E says "eeeee" and "eh."

Appears to be quite sturdy, I would imagine it would take a lot to break this alphabet toy! The magnet is strong enough not to keep falling off the fridge, but not to strong that it can't be repositioned. It can also be played with on the floor or table.

Colourful and attractive

Two volume settings (phew!) - sounds are nice and clear.

It requires 3 AAA bateries for the unit to operate. It does have an on/off switch.


Only capital letters are included

Suitable for Ages:

The LeapFrog Fridge Phonics game is recommended for ages 2 and up. But I think that a younger child of 18months could also play with this.


I would give this a final score of 8/10 apples. You would need other toys to introduce the lowercase letters as only capital letters are used

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