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Review - Frontline Phonics

What you get with Frontline Phonics:

  • 53 Phonics Readers
  • Music CD with 34 Sing-a-long Songs
  • 2 Reading Lesson Plan Manuals
  • 2 Activity Workbooks with Phonics Worksheets
  • Instructional Video to guide you step by step
  • 3 Flashcard Sets
  • 31 Educational Game Pieces
  • Free access to a Reading Coach
  • 60-DayMoney-Back Guarantee

How frontline phonics teaches letters & sounds

Each lesson takes about 15 minutes a day. First lessons include sounding out alphabet letter sounds and reinforcing this with fun games, sing-alongs and other activities. Learning how to write the letters is taught along side learning the letter sounds. Discovery of other everyday words which start with the same letter sound is also taught.

How Frontline phonics teach blending letters

Blending is the method of putting letters together and sounding them out to make words. Frontline Phonics begins by blending after introducing just 5 letters - M, A, P, S, T . So for example with these four consonants & 1 vowel, your child would be sounding out words like:

  • sat, map, Pam, pat, tap, at, Sam

Frontline Phonics starts sounding out words, only using the letters that are being taught. This is important so that your child gets important blending practice which is critical for learning how to read.

Using Readers with Frontline Phonics

Frontline Phonics introduces your child to reading books in 3 1/2 weeks! They start with "pre-readers" which contain 1-3 words per page, and then work through to the beginning of 3rd grade level.

There are over 50 reading books included with Frontline Phonics so your child should be reading by completing this reading program!

Frontline phonics - guidelines to choosing reading software

Teaching Reading

Is this reading software for you?

  • Suitable for ages 3-8yrs
  • Sight Words Used? Yes

Teaching your child to read is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have.

However, it may seem intimidating at first.

Frontline Phonics seem to understand this, because they offer

    'One on One Coaching'
so if you have a question about how your child is doing eg - Is my child going to fast, or My child is just not catching on etc, you can just email them and they will reply directly to you!

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