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I want THIS reading lamp in MY room...

You know it's time to buy a reading lamp when...

  • You read to your child in bed at night
  • Your child reads in bed at night
  • Your child keeps rubbing their eyes (eye strain)
  • You find your child reading under the bedclothes with a torch!
  • You turn out the light..but find it back on in the morning!
  • You hear all the books fall off your child's bed in the middle of the night
  • They ask if they can have the light left on to read at bedtime

How to choose a reading lamp

First decide if your need a:
  • floor lamps
  • wall sconces (small lights attatched to a wall)
  • clip on lights (that clip onto the back of the bed or side-table)
  • Ceiling Lights (combine directional light with a general light)
  • Reading Lamp (positioned on a side-table)

Where is the best place to position a directional lamp?

Ideally a reading light should be positioned behind your shoulder. If you are right-handed position it behind your left shoulder and if you are left-handed position it behind your right shoulder.

This way, your hand won't cast a shadow over the words as your read.

How much light?

Try and combine a direct light ,given from the lamp, with a general light from above. A way to control light levels, is to make sure you have a dimmer switch.

While searching for a reading light for my youngest son, I stumbled upon these devine children lights - they certainly have the "WOW" factor don't they!

Teaching Reading

Create a Reading Corner

Create a reading corner in your child's bedroom or other room in your home

Make it comfortable, warm and inviting. A simple beanbag, large cushion or comfy chair will do.

Make sure there is enough light and plenty of storage to store all those books.

Encourage them to store books with the spine facing outwards so they can (and you) can read the titles easily. It looks tidy and makes it easier to choose books.

When they are older they may enjoy sorting them in alphabetic order, or in different heights etc.

You need to set the example. Let your children see how much youlove reading.

Remember to read to your children...don't stop just because they can read by themselves!

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