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Reading Lesson Plans - one mothers journey with her two boys...

If you are following our reading lesson plans - there are some things you must be aware of...
  • I am not a teacher - just a typical mother (is there such a thing?!)
  • I am teaching two boys: My 6yr old & struggling 13yr old
  • I have decided to use Phonics International (P.I) as a base for our reading lesson plans as it is flexible and I can adapt it for our situation
  • I am a hopeless speller, my grammar is appalling...just so you know you haven't got to be 'perfect' or a 'teacher' to do this..if I can do this..anyone can!
  • This isn't a race...this is our journey...welcome!


My 6yr old started school in Feb '09. He has been using LEM Phonics during this time - 7months. (In NZ you do not need to send your child to school until they are 6yrs old) His teachers have taught him his initial alphabet letter sounds, and the other phonic sounds for the letter 'a'. He has not brought any readers home to read. He has good phonemic awareness skills. I feel he could be going at a faster rate than what he is currently being taught in the classroom

My 13yr old has mild dyslexia. He probably knows most of his sounds - but his spelling/writing is very poor. He has poor phonemic awareness skills and currently attending school - but I am applying to homeschool him for 6months to bring him up to speed..well that's the plan!

Initially I plan to spend 15 - 20mins a day tutoring - and see how we go from there...

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