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Learning the alphabet with toys!

Learning the alphabet has never been so much fun...and confusing!  Educational toys literally drip from toy shelves around the world - choosing one which will actually help your child with learning their alphabet letterscan be quite a mission!

So what should you look for?

make sure that the audible sounds are not too loud as to cause hearing problems

make sure that alphabetletter sounds are pronounced phonetically

an 'ON/OFF' switch for quiet playtime and parent sanity!  A good educational toy does not need to be constantly singing and buzzing at you.

look for a toy that uses all the senses:  manipulative (using hands), audio (ears) and visual (eye) senses

quality toys don't have to be expensive. Look for heavily discounted toys on Amazon or pre-loved alphabet toys on ebay or garage sales - you may pick up the bargain of the year!

Current trends in alphabet toys include:

Popular toys that help with learning the alphabet letters are:


More links tohelp you teach the alphabet:

Here are some more links within this site related to learning alphabet letters:


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